Salisbury is full of trails, in fact there are nearly 80km of trails, including the Little Para Trail and Dry Creek trail. They provide a fantastic safe and scenic option for walkers, runners and bike riders. Within the trails there are parks, paths and areas just for BMX.

Cobbler Creek Mountain Bike Trails

Go mountain bike riding in Cobbler Creek Recreation Park and experience the thrilling natural surroundings.


Cobbler Creek Recreation Park

Cobbler Creek Recreation Park is an oasis of calm in the suburbs. The park conserves some of Adelaide’s rare woodland…

Dry Creek Wetlands

Dry Creek Linear Park

Dry Creek flows freely throughout winter, but often dries up during summer. Covering an area of 100 square kilometres, the…

Dry Creek River Trails

The Dry Creek Trails are a network of walking and cycling trails that traverse 14km from the hilly escarpments to…

Little Para River Trail

Little Para Walking and Cycling Trail

The Little Para Trail traverses 14kms from the hilly escarpments in the east, to Barker Inlet in the west. You…

St Kilda Mangrove Trail and Interpretive Centre

At the St Kilda Mangrove Trail and Interpretative Centre, explore a flooded mangrove forest on an elevated walkway that meanders…

The Paddocks Wetlands

The Paddocks Wetlands

The Paddocks wetlands cover an area of six hectares. The landscape of the Paddocks wetlands is now well established, with…