Dry Creek Linear Park

Dry Creek Wetlands

Dry Creek Linear Park

Dry Creek flows freely throughout winter, but often dries up during summer. Covering an area of 100 square kilometres, the catchment extends into the Mount Lofty Ranges. Dry Creek travels some 28 kilometres before it flows into the Barker Inlet at Swan Alley Creek. The Dry Creek Linear Park forms a secluded nature corridor along Dry Creek, extending 3.5 kilometres from Walkleys Road to Bridge Road. A number of aquatic birds have made their home in the wetlands, including the Australian Grey Teal, White-faced Herons, Cormorants and the Pacific Black Duck. Other birds common in the park include the Willie Wagtail, Yellow Thornbill, New Holland Honeyeater and Australian and Murray Magpies. Car parking, toilet and picnic facilities are available, as well as electric barbecues located at the Stockade Botanical Park.

Mawson Lakes, 5095
South Australia

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